Client Spotlight in May 2017- Web T.

Couldn’t ask for more in a trainer. Tim Carroll is patient, thorough, and a great source of encouragement. His development of a program for me geared specifically for the muscles and parts of the body used in golf has been tremendous. The one-on-one instruction and attention in a gym not crowded with lots of patrons helps to ensure a session that enhances concentration and provides an environment conducive to quick learning of the different exercises. I’d recommend Custom Kinetics without reservation to anyone seeking to get more fit regardless of the reason.

Whippany Athletic Club- Boxing Classes

Kelly’s fiance found a Groupon to take boxing classes at Whippany Athletic Club last summer. We gave it a shot and wow! what a workout! I used to take private boxing sessions back in the day and I’ve even taught private boxing to my female clients when I owned my studio, but this class was a heart pumping, butt kicking, upper body, lower body, crazy core workout!

It’s called Boxing (simple!) in Whippany, New Jersey. The gym is located inside a corporate area off of Algonquin Drive. There’s a parking lot with always enough space and is well-lit at night.

Our boxing instructor was Al who was a boxing champion and now the main instructor at the gym. His classes always make me throw up. I wouldn’t give him that much credit since I have an unusually weak stomach, but I know that I’m not the only one who got sick in his class. I blame it on the 90 minute non-stop workout, the boxing intervals, the circuit, the crazy amount of burpees that Kelly refuses to do. The great thing about this class is that you can go at your own pace. You can slow it down, modify the movements, take your time during the circuits, or you can go all out like we do!

The people who workout at this gym are the dedicated type. They come in, workout, and go home. There’s little lingering between workouts. The boxing class on the other hand is almost always the same 10 people. And newbies are more than welcome. It’s a place of belonging, a place to sweat, and definitely a place to see results!
Difficulty level: **

Eat Clean, Train Hard- 12 Week Challenge (Day 1)

Week 1, Day 1 of a 12 week “Eat Clean, Train Hard” challenge:

I say that I sold my soul and that’s what it certainly feels like. I sold my soul to cut weight, kickstart my bikini body, and to become accountable for my actions. I have to journal my food intake, which isn’t too difficult. Here’s what my next ten days looks like:

Breakfast: egg whites (3) + onions = omelet, coffee (lots of coffee), and 2 cups of water

Snack: small apple, a pack of gum, more coffee, more water

Lunch: chicken and a bowl of lettuce, water, gum

Snack: small apple, a pack of gum, water

Dinner: chicken and 2 cucumbers, ½ grapefruit, water

Bedtime Snack: protein shake

I don’t think I’ve ever cut my calories this drastically. I’m going to stick to it! I want results. It’s ONLY 10 days and after the brutal week and a half I’m about to endure, I’m going to be able to eat all the healthy and delicious foods I love… like beer. Summer Shandy to be exact.

Before pictures:


I’ll be documenting my anger levels, my moods really and my progress pictures on a weekly basis. Let’s hope for the best. It’s only ten days… I’ll keep telling myself that!

35 Minute Boot Camps- Bouldering Session

Bouldering Session for Dummies

A little tid-bit about me, I’m terrified of heights. When I was 16, my parents notarized a skydiving contract so I could jump out of a plane. As thankful as I am for the experience, it forever changed me. I went into shock during the free fall and I’ve never been the same. So, you’re probably wondering about my bouldering session…

Fast forward 13 years and here I am, still afraid of climbing up on a chair, let alone climbing a wall. So when David from 35 Minute Boot Camps invited me for a one on one bouldering session, naturally I declined. However, David promised I would safe and that he would be by my side the entire time (he also implied it was part of my job description). Who knew that marketing for gyms would force me into new adventures?!

Let’s just say that I agreed to the challenge and showed up for my first bouldering 101 session. Here’s what happened for me. I’m sure your experience will be just as pleasant!

  • David put down thick matting under me as I climbed the 8-11’ walls (so I felt safe)
  • He taught me how to climb using a designed route created by his team
  • I learned about different types of holds and how to effectively climb across the walls
  • At one point, I panicked (the team rushed over to watch and take pictures) and David literally lifted me off of the wall
  • Once I regained my sense of stability, I got back up on the wall.
  • This time they blindfolded me. I allowed it because I wanted to prove that I could do it!
  • With David’s guided instructions, I was able to climb about 4’, which is a feat for me
  • By the time I was blindfolded, I understood the holds, the wall, and how to move across the walls
  • Another huge accomplishment was jumping off of the wall, blindfolded with little assistance
  • Only 20 minutes had passed and my entire body was  sore- a great feeling for fitness fanatics!
  • Next, I was shown different stretching exercises for my forearms and wrists, which helped me continue my bouldering experience


IMG_1875My last challenge was to climb 11’ and touch the highest rock that lights up. It took me several tries since the wall leans forward and I was already incredibly tired. However, I made it! I hit the light and I JUMPED off of the wall on my own!


The rush of touching the top rock and jumping off had my adrenaline pumping through my body. What an experience! I learned- never say never to trying new activities. I will absolutely return to the gym for bouldering. I can’t wait to graduate V0 and move onto a higher level of bouldering routes. This day also inspired us to create a new membership at 35 Minute Boot Camps for open bouldering!

All in all, it was a great day. I conquered my fear of heights all thanks to David and his team for making me feel safe and encouraging me to reach my potential. I also learned that bouldering uses muscles you may not even know exist! I was sore for days after my session. I’m still stretching days later (using the stretches taught by David) and learning new exercises to condition my body for the next time I’m in town!

South Florida Fitness Academy

Back in January, I was flown out to South Florida to assist in opening a brand new fitness facility- South Florida Fitness Academy in Coconut Creek. The 17,000 square foot group fitness, technical training, full service gym, and family center officially opened on January 18, 2016. My job was to consult with the owner, develop documents and procedures for the trainers and staff, plan for marketing promotions, send out emails, and to workout!

I was a little nervous to fly out to South Florida, not having met anyone in person previously. On the other hand, I was extremely excited for the new venture and job opportunity. The evening I arrived at the doorstep of the gym’s owner (and now a friend), I felt at home. And for seven days after, I felt like I had a new family with the South Florida Fitness Academy team!

One of my best memories at the gym was working out on my own in the weight/machines area. I wanted to take group fitness classes, but it didn’t fit in with my work schedule during that week. Knowing that not exercising wasn’t an option, I sucked it up and worked out on my own (which I despise doing). And so, I started my lower body/plyo routine. Within minutes, I was joined by another gym goer who wanted to workout with me. I had a workout buddy! I led my new friend through my booty boot camp, we started talking to other members lifting near us, and soon I realized- I was leading a mini fitness class.

South Florida Fitness Academy prides themselves on being a family-centered, community-destination fitness facility. I didn’t truly understand what that meant until I was working out as a regular member, minding my own business when I was joined by new friendly faces. Feeling at home when you’re a thousand miles away by people you’ve never met, who don’t know you at all, all the while being accepted and feeling a sense of belonging is what this fitness adventure is all about! Spending time participating in positive activities, such as exercise, is a great way to meet new people, get in shape, stay healthy, and have fun!

I can’t wait to go back!

Name of gym: South Florida Fitness Academy

Amenities: Literally, everything

Location: Coconut Creek, FL

Parking situation: Parking Lot

Oxygen Pilates, Barre, & Cycling- Morristown NJ

I’m not a morning person, which means that I am not a morning fitness person. My preferred time to workout is during the afternoon slump, around 4 pm. That’s when my brain is fried and my body is ready for some movement!

There are a few (and far in between) fitness studios and classes that are enticing enough for me to try out before my morning cups of coffee. A few weeks ago, I was the one convincing Kelly to take a mat Pilates class with me in Morristown, NJ. She grudgingly agreed to workout with me before 10 am, both under the impression that a Pilates class would be a great way to start the day!

Maybe we were right. A Pilates class could be a good idea before work. We will never know because we ended up in a Tabata boot camp instead! Just imagine the shock on our faces when we realized that we would be jumping around the sliding disks and weights and balls and mats AND blocks. The class was led by Amanda, an incredibly fit, encouraging, and positive teacher. She had us moving in ways we didn’t know our bodies could move. It was a small class, very individualized, and a ton of core work! It didn’t help that I was sore from my last boxing class. But we made it through! Talk about a cardio, weight, strength, body, awesome fast workout! I definitely earned my Starbucks.


One of my favorite things about Oxygen was the atmosphere. You walk in and you feel at ease. Everyone is kind and soft spoken. The owner heard about our misunderstanding about the Pilates class and invited both Kelly and I back for a complimentary semi-private Pilates reformer session.

Although we thought we were taking a mat Pilates class (to celebrate March matness, of course), we were really appreciative of the Tabata boot camp. Mostly my sore butt was grateful of all the squat jumps, lunge jumps, plie hops, and sliding disks the next day.

We’ll definitely be back soon! – Ethel


35 Minute Boot Camps- The Original Class

Kelly and I recently took a class at 35 Minute Boot Camps in Hoboken, NJ. As soon as we walked in, we knew that this would be a totally unique workout – the walls are painted with bright huge murals of superheroes and your inner child is jumping for joy at the sight of the adult version of a big indoor playground. 35 Minute Boot Camp has a bouldering wall, obstacle section, ropes, heavy bags, TRX, even tires hanging from the ceiling!

We were excited to try a class that’s geared towards the busy person, for people like us who would enjoy a 35 minute class would be long enough to kick our butts and send us home in time for dinner!

The workout was awesome! We used sandbags, TRX, bodyweight exercises, bouldering wall, obstacles, and ropes all within 35 minutes. While I did almost fall off the TRX, David was there to catch me. David is the owner and one of the coaches at 35MBC. He’s been running the gym for over four years with a steady membership flow and new people coming in every day (just like us!). Not only was the class challenging, it was also a great change of pace from the mundane body sculpting, strength training classes at larger gyms. My favorite part of the workout was the fast-pace and use of multiple equipment. Kelly mostly enjoyed the use of the bouldering wall and how it fit perfectly into a boot camp workout.

We walked out drenched in sweat with a new respect for studios who are successfully branding unique workouts!

If you’re interested in checking out 35 Minute Boot Camps, here’s some information for you!

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Welcome to the B Fit Team!

Hi everyone! Ethel here- I’m the owner and founder of B Fit Marketing & Consulting. We work with fitness and wellness (spa) companies nationwide. Our services are listed on the website, so I won’t bore you with work details.

One of my favorite hobbies is writing. I love writing about things that I do and the new adventures I’m pursuing every day! Another big hobby of mine is working out. Surprise surprise. It’s a huge part of my lifestyle. I don’t just go to the gym every day. I’m trying new classes, following trends, and exploring new ways to stay in shape and have fun. Isn’t that what life is all about anyway?!

On this blog, we’ll be posting about the new workouts, gyms, trends, classes, sometimes even athletic apparel or other wellness companies. It’s all about variety and discovering new ways to enjoy staying active, taking care of our bodies, and there’s always mental health (aka going on trips!).

One of my really good friends and now a consultant for B Fit Marketing (Kelly) is going to be writing about her adventures as well! She’s getting married in September so we’re spending even MORE time focusing on health and wellness. Even though Kelly and I workout together most of the time, we’re still very different and can supply you with unique experiences.

Enjoy!! – Ethel